"Melanie's knowledge of injury, recovery, exercise therapy and fitness are amazing. She identified the cause of my pain immediately and developed a practical plan to rehabilitate my injury. This plan was fully coordinated with workout routines that also helped my general fitness and strength. She was very attentive to my goals, developing pain-free and injury-free workouts to get me there. Pleasant, fun, effective, educational...I can't say enough positive things about working with her and would recommend her without hesitation."
Jeremy A., Chapel Hill
I am so glad I found Melanie. I was looking for a personal trainer, because after a year and a half from my gastric bypass surgery, I stopped losing weight on my own. My fiance was doing his best to hold me accountable, but it was not a good situation for either of us. I knew I needed someone outside of my personal relationships to hold me accountable to my goals, and my wedding was quickly approaching, and I was just not happy with my size and how I looked in my wedding dress.

I was so excited when I came up on Melanie's site and found she has the physiological knowledge behind the training, as well as an ability to train special needs clients. I suspected I had fibromyalgia as I was having chronic back pain, and this combined with Melanie's 3-month special program, it was a no brainer! My wedding was in 4 months and I wanted a trainer with a true understanding of the conditions of the human body and a well rounded approach.

My doctors were changing medications on me all the time, but Melanie was able to work with the side affects and help me stay motivated. Once we discovered my problem was not fibro and it was mostly stress I was able to stop the new meds, because she helped me strengthen my core and no more back pain!

Not only did I have no more pain, I also was so happy with how I looked in my wedding dress. The seamstress actually thought I might had lost too much weight for her to alter it down enough, but she was able to, and it was beautiful! I was so happy with my body that I even got a second short party dress with a sweetheart neckline and sleeveless. I felt fabulous, looked fabulous, and now I'm addicted!

I know Melanie will get me to my ultimate goals as she keeps showing me I can do things I never thought I could. Even when life gets in the way and I get off-track, she helps me jump right back on the wagon as if I hardly missed a beat!"​
Christina W., Clayton
“Tillie has gone back to PA as of 2 weeks ago and is doing fine. Her habits have definitely changed since her illness and she is eating a healthier diet and is exercising regularly. We want to thank you for being a part of her recovery. When Tillie was unable to leave the house, the plan that you devised to work towards her goals resulted in steady, but consistent progress. Tillie’s doctor was very supportive of your program and it helped to keep him appraised of her progress as she continued to improve physically. Your program increased her strength and stamina to the point that she was able to leave the house and begin a senior aerobics class at a local church. When she started the aerobics class, she could not do the whole class, which was 60min. The experience of knowing her physical condition following her illness gave her the confidence that she would improve, if she continued to try. After 6 weeks of doing the class 3 days/week, she was able to do the full 60 mins.

She was very proud of her accomplishment. She has also lost close to 21 lbs in 6 months. The weight loss was an added bonus. My family really appreciates what you have done for Tillie.”​
Julie S., Raleigh
“I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for 16 years. Nine years ago, all I could do for exercise was to get into a swimming pool and do water aerobics. I met Melanie Dean one day and my life changed for the better.

Melanie agreed to become my personal trainer and we’ve been together ever since. She started by getting in the pool with me to work on core strength and balance and then slowly but surely, I began to get stronger and was able to workout on the exercise floor with bands and weights.

Melanie has been helping me, she has pushed me to my limits without ever hurting me. Without Melanie, I would probably still be in the swimming pool working at half my potential. I will never be able to thank her enough for the help she’s given me and I just hope I never lose her.” 
Dot J., Cary
“Melanie’s ‘process approach’ to training is one of the reasons that we are such a good fit. She continually assesses and (tracks) my progress, and helps me set achievable goals – all with a friendly, you-can-do-it approach.

Our alliance for more than a decade is the reason that I feel better and better as the years pass. I’ve even taken up biking again – one of my true passions - after many years. Every day that I can work out with Melanie is a real gift!”
Marion B., Raleigh
“I have been working out with Melanie Dean for a little over a year. I have lost 30lbs and dropped 4 pant sizes. Before I started working out, I always had pain in my wrist and back. We worked on strengthening my core and targeted other areas and the pain has disappeared. During the process, I am very conscious of my posture and the healthy foods I need to work into my diet. We targeted certain areas of my body to reshape my upper and lower legs, my arms and most of all, my abdomen. My goal was to be able to wear a bikini this summer and we met my goal together. I feel so much healthier and look great!” 
Lori C., Fuquay-Varina
“My name is Brittany and I have been working out with Melanie twice a week for several years. Due to the fact that I lost my vision when I was 3 years old, and am a brain tumor survivor, I don’t get a lot of exercise. I am limited to the kind of work out that I can do on my own and struggle with the weight gain from the medications that I take daily.

  Melanie has taught me how to do crunches correctly, ball squats, push ups and my favorite is ball tosses with a 4lb ball. She has a tough time with me on some of the exercises because I don’t like them and they are difficult for me, but she continues to help me work through my frustrations and we have a good session.”  
Brittany C., Apex
“Mel Dean is the best Christmas present I’ve ever received. I am a person who, despite gym memberships, exercise equipment in the house, countless videos and New Year resolutions, still didn’t exercise, or detested every second of it when I did. I knew I needed someone on my doorstep 3 times a week who was pre-paid. 

Melanie has the perfect blend of enough strictness to get it done, more than enough professionalism to get it done right, and enough warmth and humor to make it more tolerable than I ever thought it could be.

With her Masters Degree she has an in-depth knowledge of her profession and with her character she is always dependable, responsible, dedicated and patient.

She is not a drill sergeant. She pushes gently, listens carefully, and laughs easily. I can’t imagine anyone else who could have kept my exercise routine consistent (with great results!) for 6 years. While I still hate to exercise, I love Melanie Dean...And I love my “Body by Dean!”
Carol M., Cary
“I have been working with Gateway since May of 2008 and I am extremely pleased with the results. I required a program to lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Following the program they set, with a sensible diet, which was not a starvation diet, I was able to achieve all three goals within a few months.

Melanie is really easy to work with. She has a great sense of humor and has made the training sessions something to look forward to instead of dread. I am happy to recommend her to anyone in need of the services of a good trainer.”
Mark A., Raleigh
“Melanie Dean put together a comprehensive training program for me that took me from 5 K to a half marathon in just 10 weeks. I was very pleased with my finish time at my first half marathon, the City of Oaks, in Raleigh, NC, and completed it in 2 hours and 24 minutes, a great time for me. I couldn’t have done it without her help.”
Lorie R., Raleigh
“When I first met Melanie, I was in dire need of getting in shape after delivering my two children. Let me tell you how relentless she is with my training schedule and workouts. She will push you to your limits because while she is getting to know you, Melanie will get to know your limitations.

Melanie is always prepared, on time, flexible and very professional. I would love to tell you that it was only her workouts that put me in shape but then I would not be telling the whole truth. Melanie is so dedicated to her profession that when she asks you to do anything additional outside of the routine she has designed for you specifically ... you DO it! You do it because she makes you feel as important to her as you are to yourself. Melanie wants the same end results as you do.

It is important to her for you to succeed at whatever goal you set. I speak from experience that if you follow her regimen, and she will change it often, (another thing I love about Melanie, nothing is boring and every workout is different and interesting), "YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL!”​
Lisabeth T., Raleigh