Gateway to Health & Performance can help you improve your quality of life! Let GTHP customize a program that best fits your goals and your budget.

Post Rehabilitation: Maximize your physical therapy!

If you’re recovering from an injury, GTHP will work with your medical and rehabilitation team to ensure a smooth transition from rehabilitation to your daily health and exercise activities. A safe and effective exercise program will be designed around your specific needs and limitations. All of our clients receive the benefit of programs designed with their safety and individual abilities in mind.

Special Populations: There is a program for you!

This program is designed for individuals who may face challenges performing daily and/or recreational activities due to chronic conditions/disease such as Cardiovascular disease, Pulmonary disease, Metabolic conditions, Musculoskeletal conditions, Immunological conditions, Neuromuscular conditions and Cancer.

Senior Fitness: It is never too late to start!

Age is only a number. Now is the time to enjoy your life. Don’t let your inactivity in the past slow you down. Increase your strength, balance, flexibility and functional movements and live life to its fullest.

Weight Loss or Weight Gain: Bring your inner beauty to the surface!

If you need to lose or gain weight, GTHP will help you achieve your goals naturally through a comprehensive program of targeted exercises and motivation, along with an effective and healthy eating plan. GTHP will also work closely with your dietician or nutritionist to help you reach your goals in a safe and efficient manner.

General Fitness and Maintenance: You CAN do it!

Want to firm and tone your body? Want to maintain and improve your current fitness level? GTHP will customize a program to keep you motivated and accountable while achieving your individual fitness goals.

Sports-specific Conditioning: Improve your game!

Athletes will benefit from a program designed specifically to enhance individual athletic performance, prevent sports injuries and sharpen specific skills.

Core, Functional and Pilates Training: Build your strength from the Inside out!

This program trains your neuromuscular system to perform everyday movements more efficiently. You’ll gain the ability to control your movement, improve your balance and reduce postural problems later in life.

Each client’s fitness and wellness program is specifically tailored to his/her requirements and lifestyle. So the time required to achieve the specified goals varies from individual to individual. With my help and your commitment, the vision you have for yourself can become a reality!