Why Hire A Trainer?

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

Statistics support the Old African proverb, “Cross the river in a crowd, and the crocodile won’t eat you.” The guidance of a fitness/wellness expert is a smart way to strengthen your resolve to stay the course even on those days when you’d prefer to skip your routine. Why go it alone?

There are many reasons to hire a fitness/wellness trainer. At GTHP we are dedicated to delivering expert training designed specifically to assist you in achieving your goals safely. When it comes to fitness and wellness, “one size” does not fit all.

Advantages to working with Melanie as your professional and experienced trainer:
• She is a fully trained professional in her field.
• She brings her years of experience and her expertise to each client; to
   each program design; to each session.
• She loves her work. She loves her clients.
• The joy and confidence she brings to the training experience is
• She will give you what you need.
• She “knows her stuff” from the inside out and and always learning more!

Melanie Dean, M.Sc., CSCS
Exercise Physiologist / Personal Trainer