Q. What is a session like?
A. A session with a trainer is fun, informative and intense at times. Having a trainer allows you to focus all of your efforts on following the direction of an expert who understands your physical abilities and guides you towards achieving your overall goals one step at a time. Put on your workout clothes and bring your determination and sense of humor!

Q. Do you continue your education and keep up with recent developments in research and equipment?
A. Yes, Melanie takes courses specifically related to each of her specializations in order to maintain current status and keep abreast of new methodologies. She teaches CPR training as well.

Q. What are your fees?
A. Visit our “Rates” page for specifics. We offer various packages from one-on-one to group rates.

Q. What is your educational background?
A. Checkout the “About Your Trainer” page to find out about trainer credentials.

Q. Do you have an intake assessment session?
A. We work with clients only after a thorough consultation and assessment have been completed. This includes a detailed health and exercise history, thorough fitness assessment and physician contact information. We provide clients with continued communication / assessments which can be shared with your medical professionals.

Q. Do you have CPR training?
A. Yes. Melanie is certified in CPR and is also a CPR instructor.

Q. How long has Melanie been a personal trainer?
A. 10+ years

Q. Does Melanie carry liability insurance?
A. Yes.

Q. What types of clients do you work with?
A. Our clients include adults, seniors, children, adolescents, athletes, cardiac patients, post-rehab, and special populations. Melanie is experienced in training people with all types of fitness needs.

Q. Do you have a list of references?
A. Yes, feel free to request a list of references and visit the Success Stories page.

Melanie Dean, M.Sc., CSCS

Exercise Physiologist / Personal Trainer