Training Options

If you’re seeking a health and fitness program designed to achieve your specific goals, and want to accelerate your progress, then utilizing a professional trainer will move you to the next level. Our individually designed health and fitness programs incorporate cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, flexibility, functional assessment and training, nutrition and education. Before beginning any exercise program, GTHP will review your medical and exercise history, assess your current fitness level and then discuss and set your short and long-term goals.

One-on-One Personal Training: We listen. We care. We're there.
Work under the direct guidance of your personal trainer. After you and your trainer have completed your intake assessment, you can focus on your personalized regimen, while she continues to oversee and direct your progress. Your trainer is your personal expert.
Personal Training for Two: Trainer plus two = a winning team.
If you prefer to exercise with a friend who has similar goals, you may want to consider Personal Training for Two. As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a personal trainer at a more economical rate.

Fitness Consultation: Getting an accurate picture. Setting achievable goals. And going it alone.
Before you begin any exercise program, let GTHP review your medical and exercise history, assess your current fitness level and then discuss and help you set your goals. This consultation can launch your ago-it-alone wellness routines.

Fitness Consultation & One-time Program Planning Session. Setting off on the right foot.
Are you interested in simply having a one-time program designed for you to follow? This option will allow just that. After thoroughly reviewing your medical and exercise history, accessing your current fitness level, and discussing your short and long-term goals, a program will be tailored to address your individual needs. Clients who choose this option usually schedule several planning sessions per year.

Training for Children: Building confidence and healthy habits for life.
Motivating and training children and teens is one of Melanie’s personal missions in her fitness career. Her programs through GTHP are designed to engage children in enjoyable, and invigorating activities that become a preferred lifestyle for her young clients. Laughter, patience, and caring commitment define Mel’s signature touch! 

What To Expect:
• Fun, kid-paced integration of healthy lifestyle values
• A balanced routine of strength, cardio, and core exercises
• Instruction in attainable goal setting and safe exercise practices
• Help with discovering activities that each child will enjoy and do on his/her own
• Child-oriented information on fitness, wellness, and nutrition
• Motivation, coaching, and encouragement in developing a “can-do” attitude, and a
   sense of pride for making healthy personal choices
• Targeted training to improve performance on specific sports activities

Melanie Dean, M.Sc., CSCS
Exercise Physiologist / Personal Trainer